Dear UCLA, Specifically… Residential Life

Moving out of my UCLA home marked the end of the UCLA journey, and that still feels weird to say. My career in Residential Life as a professional began because UCLA Residential Life gave me a chance. I didn’t figure out I wanted to be a part of Residential Life until my 3rd year of undergrad.… Continue reading Dear UCLA, Specifically… Residential Life


A Quarter Later

FIRST THING: Photo Credits to Idriss Njike for this beautiful aerial shot of my Hitch community. It’s so easy to fall behind when life catches up with you. The great thing about the week between Christmas and New Year’s is that it’s the week of confusion. How much sleep should we get? Is this the… Continue reading A Quarter Later


Other Duties Assigned

If you’ve ever thoroughly read tour job description or job contract (which you should), the likelihood is that you’ve come across a phrase on the list of responsibilities you have - “Other Duties Assigned.” Now, I’ve never seen that aspect of a job description more present and in action as in Housing/Residential Life. After all,… Continue reading Other Duties Assigned


pARDy: Here We Go Again!

Week 48 My last week in the SV Office was spent mostly packing it up and getting ready for the move up to Hitch. That whole last week was kind of really sad for me because I was the last one in the office. It used to be Kevin, Violet, and me. Nothing felt more… Continue reading pARDy: Here We Go Again!


Ending Another Academic Year (Part 2)

You probably thought Part 1 was a lot. Well, let me tell you… Part 2 may be shorter, but it’s still got the same juice the first part had. This post's featured photo is an empty Sunset Village ARD office. I was the last one to move out, and I prepped it for the new… Continue reading Ending Another Academic Year (Part 2)