A second Buck-I-Serv trip in the books for this year’s Spring Break. This time, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Focus:HOPE in Detroit, Michigan with three students. We might have been small, but we were certainly mighty! At Focus:HOPE, the organization’s mission is to serve the underprivileged community through meals and through Early Childhood… Continue reading Focus:HOPE


Give Kids the World

This year, I chose to be an advisor for one of the Buck-I-Serv (Ohio State’s alternative break service learning trip) experiences and I’m so glad I did. This wasn’t an opportunity I got to do while I was in undergrad, which is why I wanted to be a part of this. We went to Give… Continue reading Give Kids the World


My New hOme

I've been in Ohio for two months, my biggest life change (that I chose to do) in my almost 24 years of life. Follow this new journey, because it's about to be a wild one.


Dear UCLA, Specifically… Residential Life

Moving out of my UCLA home marked the end of the UCLA journey, and that still feels weird to say. My career in Residential Life as a professional began because UCLA Residential Life gave me a chance. I didn’t figure out I wanted to be a part of Residential Life until my 3rd year of undergrad.… Continue reading Dear UCLA, Specifically… Residential Life


A Quarter Later

FIRST THING: Photo Credits to Idriss Njike for this beautiful aerial shot of my Hitch community. It’s so easy to fall behind when life catches up with you. The great thing about the week between Christmas and New Year’s is that it’s the week of confusion. How much sleep should we get? Is this the… Continue reading A Quarter Later