A Quarter Later

FIRST THING: Photo Credits to Idriss Njike for this beautiful aerial shot of my Hitch community.

It’s so easy to fall behind when life catches up with you. The great thing about the week between Christmas and New Year’s is that it’s the week of confusion. How much sleep should we get? Is this the week we are actually excused from doing work? Perhaps the suggestion on social media called, “The Christmas Purge,” where everything is excused? Because if that’s so, I’m excused for not allowing people to catch up on my life for nearly 3 months.

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Other Duties Assigned

If you’ve ever thoroughly read tour job description or job contract (which you should), the likelihood is that you’ve come across a phrase on the list of responsibilities you have – “Other Duties Assigned.” Now, I’ve never seen that aspect of a job description more present and in action as in Housing/Residential Life. After all, how can we actually fully description, detail, and explain these list of duties we come to have in a concise and concrete matter? We can’t. That’s why it ends up being a vague “Other duties assigned.”

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