Other Duties Assigned

If you’ve ever thoroughly read tour job description or job contract (which you should), the likelihood is that you’ve come across a phrase on the list of responsibilities you have – “Other Duties Assigned.” Now, I’ve never seen that aspect of a job description more present and in action as in Housing/Residential Life. After all, how can we actually fully description, detail, and explain these list of duties we come to have in a concise and concrete matter? We can’t. That’s why it ends up being a vague “Other duties assigned.”

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Ending Another Academic Year (Part 1)

I seriously can’t believe I made it through yet another academic year. Every year I’m in the quarter system, I feel like every quarter goes by faster and faster; sometimes it’s terrifying just how fast it goes. Just as fast as things go, I also feel like I aim to do less work in Spring Quarter and it somehow ends up still being a load of work. Which brings me to this next part.

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