Appreciation Post: MERACA Family

Countdown to Graduation: 7 Days

Oh, I won’t be afraid / Just as long as you stand / Stand by me


Dearest MERACA Family,

To this day, I am in disbelief still that I had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most amazing people. I know that sounds exaggerated or dramatic, but it’s what I feel is true. This MERACA team that I have had the pleasure of working alongside has truly been a group of the most kind-hearted, caring, and loving people I have met in my entire life. Each and every one of you in some way has inspired me to not just be a better RA, but to be a better person in more ways than one.

Here goes a short appreciation dedicated to the 26 amazing people I have had the opportunity to learn and grow with over this past year:

Abhi: First and foremost… #StellaIsLife LOL. But on a different note, thank you once again for taking my grad photos – I am incredibly grateful for you. I hope that with the new things you are going to accomplish.

Alexis: Thank for for being there for me as many times as you can. I have appreciated having someone so close to me and allowing myself to have someone I can always go to when things are slowly falling apart. You’re a shoulder I know I can count on no matter when, no matter where, no matter why – and that’s the kind of support that I sometimes fail to acknowledge I need. But I appreciate having you for support.

Auzzsa: From being one of CC’s delegates your freshman year to becoming Das together, I have seen you grow as a leader and I have witnessed what an amazing person you truly are. I am grateful that you made the effort to make me to the HK Cafe for our MERACA date. While many of us don’t get to spend as much time with you, I truly appreciate the times that I do get to because you’re something else. You have so much more to you than you can see surface level.

Belen: 3 years in CV and Middle caught you this year, and for that I’m grateful. I have been so thrilled to see that your transition to Middle Earth. It has been an exciting experience getting to work with you this past year. Even though you’ve spent most of your time at CV, you made the most out of your experience here. You have so much love and patience for all the things you are dedicated to and I love that about you.

Ben: Words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for you, but I want you to know that not only am I grateful for you, but I am grateful for your unending support and love for me. There were many things I could not have made through without having you around and you listened. Thank you for your willingness to listen, your commitment to support, and your love. You let me get close to you and I to you, and I am forever grateful.

Byron: Remember when we were training neighbors across the bathroom? You have always been one of the people to give me the best hugs. I have loved seeing you with your residents and them being able to mess with you. I’m going to miss you letting me pick on you every time I see you.

Caleb: I had the castle first. My hall IS a castle. LOL. Thank you for always letting me make fun of you and how you won’t have Quenya. But on the real, I’m incredibly proud of you as an RA and I’m so excited to see what you do upon your return to Middle Earth. I know you’re going to do amazing. #CoastlineForever

Charles: Even though you sit on me or flick me on the arm/forehead or send me flying every time I try to jump on you, best believe I’m going to miss having someone as fun and as playful as you because you take the hardships out of the day with your playfulness and foolishness. I appreciate having worked with you all these years.

Chris: Thank you for always being passionate about being an RA and being there for your residents. I know some things were challenging here and there but that only made you stronger and better, and even more suited to be in the position you are in. I’m proud of your for pushing yourself and coming out to be stronger that before. #CoastlineForever

Daria: I can’t put my leg up, but just imagine I did when I started, haha. I still remember training when you still couldn’t decide what your theme was and finally decided on potatoes. I appreciate you being you and being so funny in something as simple as making faces.

Francisco: Guaranteed when I’m around you, in some way you make me laugh. I appreciate that because some days, things aren’t always the best for me, but you just have a charisma that can make me smile. I’m glad that I had the chance to work with you once again.

Harmonie: When I look at you, I know exactly what it means to say that someone is beautiful inside and out because you exemplify that. I’ve only known you for a short time, but in that time, I had the chance to get to know someone who is truly beautiful and exudes confidence in the most positive way.

Jasmine: It took me a while to get to know you in the beginning, but once I did, I learned about someone who has so much heart and empowerment in themselves. You vocalize what you believe is right but you don’t hurt anyone in the process. You show true care and love in many ways and I aspire to love everything the way you do.

Joce Ha: In more ways than one, we are so much alike and that was not something I expected when I first met you. I did, however, know that we were going to bond from our shared love for pink and arts and crafts. I didn’t realize that we shared a similar background with our families and I appreciated that you shared that with me.

Jocelyn M: Training neighbor, ILY so much! You have the kindest and most loving heart I have ever witnessed with anyone I have ever met. Your love for the people you care about and the love you have for your residents is truly remarkable and I am so honored to have been a part of the people you have cared for.

Joe: I’m sorry I forgot that we were freshmen together and our halls are across of each other, please don’t shank me with your swiss knife. LOL. Just kidding. I love your energy and how much you are so committed to everything you put yourself to. You have shown me what commitment and dedication looks like even when you’re not around.

Kristin: You are one of the funniest people I have ever met, and you don’t even have to try. That’s something I love and appreciate about you so much because there aren’t very many people in this world who can just share their humor the way you do. I’m one of those people. I’m so glad I got to work alongside of you. #CoastlineForever

Kyle: I aspire to be as positive, as caring, as loving, as excited and simply as wonderful as you. Since day 1 that I met you, I’ve seen you be excited for everything that comes your way. Even more, you’ve showed every person that you have spoken to or interacted with that you are 100% interested in what they say and I appreciate that.

Leti: Boba? Coffee? 7 Leaves? Starbucks? Cha? Peet’s? Which one are we going to? I love how much you love boba and coffee that it’s a part of your life. I love how much you are bold and adventurous – as exemplified by your lipsticks. I’m not an adventurous soul deep down nor do I have boldness, but you do. Thank you for sharing that part of you with me.

Luke: I’ve always thought of you as my little brother because in some ways, you do remind me of my younger cousins – they’re like brothers to me. You share similar interests with them. If crafty and all, but I love how skilled you are in Photoshop and how you can make something so simple look so amazing. Also, I’m sorry you could hear me laughing in my room from your room.  #CoastlineForever

Michelle: I wish I had the chance to talk to you more, but I loved being able to share some of my experiences with you and being in Southcape/11 Savages with you. Sometimes I will look at you and wish that I was as calm and collected as you are every time I see you, because I have energy that makes it look like I’m on energy drinks or caffeine 24/7.

Minsong: You’re something else, ya know that. You’re your own kind of special and you’re just so chill about 90% of things, and I sometimes I just need to be around people like you. Being around you, I just feel so calm about everything around me because you are.

Payal: Papaya! You are one of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life. When I look at you, I like to think that I’m looking at a younger version of me. Though I think when I was your age, I wasn’t as mature or wise. I love being around you because no matter my mood, you always manage to make me feel more positive and energetic than what I was already feeling.

Ryan: Thank you for always making me feel like I’m doing my job right and that I am succeeding in the ways that I hoped I would. Being around you, I’m able to keep myself in check on when I’ve taken certain things too far as an RA (decorations and whatnot) because you’re just so chill about everything. I appreciate that. Also, I owe you a MERACA Partner date thing (from training). LOL.

Sherry: I’m still in disbelief that 4 years later after being in the same SPOP, we ended up as RAs together. Thank you for trusting Quenya to me because I know how special it is to you given it was your first home in Middle Earth. Oh by the way, I love your laugh. So keep laughing the way you do! Haha

Sukhy: Your dedication, commitment, passion, and love for your residents and to Middle Earth is something that I have always admired. Despite all the challenges you went through in every duty shift you had this year, you made it through to the end and even stayed for another year of it. If you don’t hear it enough, you are amazing.

So as we jump to our last hoorah, thank you MERACA for being the best team that I could have only ever dreamed of having. Each and every one of you are something special that I am truly grateful I had the honor and pleasure of getting the chance to work with. Even more so, thank you because you all accepted every bit of pink, sparkly, and extra that I am. I know that no matter where life takes you, you’re going to do amazing and shine like the bright stars you are.

With all my love,




Launching a blog has been one of my biggest personal goals, as I have always been fond of writing. Through words, I am taken about into a new world and sometimes it gets mixed up with my realities. However, it is in the stories I create and in the stories I tell that makes everything I see more vivid in its color. I have always found myself in love with writings of others, and now I have gained the confidence to share beyond the inner circle I have that hears about my life. Some simple basics about me: * University of California - Irvine, Class of 2017 * B.A. in Educational Sciences * B.A. in Sociology
 * Post-Undergrad Life: Assistant Resident Director at UCLA beginning July 2017. In addition, I will be applying to Graduate program in either Higher Education/Educational Administration or in Student Affairs this coming Fall 2017 * Background: I was born in the Philippines and moved to the US when I was 6. I grew up in Los Angeles (Koreatown). I am an only child of a single mom. I have 4 younger cousins, and the only girl of the 5 grandchildren -- youngest girl of my mom's family line. * Random Things: My favorite things in the world are PINK (the color -- as if my blog features didn't showcase that enough), chocolate, and Hello Kitty! I'm very into arts and crafts (like DIY, somewhat talented with drawing). Netflix (What college student doesn't like Netflix?). 
 * Strengths (StrengthsQuest): Discipline, Focus, Restorative, Achiever, Positivity * True Colors: Gold and Blue -- they're tied. Also, looks like I really belong with the UCs! Haha. * Love Language: Quality Time and Physical Touch -- also tied. I love spending time with people over anything (food, coffee, movies, etc.) as much as I love HUGS! Expect that I will tell you stories about many things related to my career (because I just LOVE Residence Life), but I won't leave out other parts of my adventures. Be on the lookout for a weekly to biweekly recap.

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