Appreciation Post: (CA)mino Family

Countdown to Graduation: 9 Days

Keep smiling, keep shining / Know that you can always count on me.


Dearest Camino Family,

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the experience I had becoming a CA was a diamond in the rough. It was the experience that I did not expect would have such a big impact on my life the way it did. When I first started as a CA, I didn’t even know where to begin or know how I would tackle the job, but it was an experience to learn and grow from.

To the OG Avengers Fam: Joe, thank you for putting up with me all year – whether it be laughing, crying, and everything in-between. From the very beginning, I have always been excited to have you as my Staff Dad, and my appreciation for you has not changed since. Ate Aimee, thank you for laughing at my backwards curtsy and dropping to the floor right after laughing. Cams, thank you for always being so excited for things with me and being just as extra as I always am. Noah, my Lil-Big bro, I miss getting to have you around all the time; our fam isn’t complete without you. Shane, my partner in crime! Words cannot begin to say how much I appreciate you putting up with me every single time you’ve had to; I am going to miss having you around. To say I love y’all is an understatement.


To the rest of CAvages Fam: Y’all are the wildest, most lit group of people I have EVER met and best believe you all will be people I spend a significant amount of my time with. I have loved watching you all become more successful and doing amazing things as time went on by. I am so thankful that even with time passing by, I am still able to hang out with you all and share with you all experiences we shared while we were still all CAs together. I’m so incredibly proud to have been part of such a large family.


To the extended Staff Fam at Puerta: From Uncle David down to my nieces and nephews, it has been so exciting watching our family grow and become so much bigger now. It’s been so exciting to witness the growth of our family lines. I’m excited to see what you all continue to accomplish in the next years.

To Dalia: Thank you for your guidance during my time as a CA and showing my that my high energy is not a hindrance to being successful in the field that I am working towards. Thank you for sharing your stories with me and your experiences over your time in Undergrad and throughout your years as ProStaff. I’m so happy that I had the chance to work with you and I had the opportunity I’ve had to learn from.

To Edgar: I know you knew from the beginning that you’ve always intimidated me, and it’s as simple as because I wanted to be so accomplished the way you were already. Seeing you start with us as a third-year Returner to becoming our ARD was something so inspirational to me because you were getting a dive into your career and that excited me. I’m so incredibly grateful that I got to see you dive right into being a part of the ACC team and that pushed me to want to pursue my goals too.


To the rest of ProStaff: Alex, thank you for serving as my ACUHO-I mentor and helping me get to STARS, and helping me get started on my career. Kiyomi, thank you for all of our conversations and teaching me in what ways I can grow. Sabrina, thank you for always having fun conversations with me. Lisa, I still think it’s the coolest thing to know that you were once the RA of Quenya and I am now. Thank you – all of you – for showing me all the different ways to grow.

Thank you Camino for anything and everything that has been a part of this experience because I have truly enjoyed learning from the ACC experience. It was the best year out of Middle Earth I could’ve ever asked for. I’m grateful for all the experiences.

With all my love,



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