Welcome to my blog!

Stories are meant to be told.

It was a long-time coming for this blog to even be put up, but it’s here now and I’m so thrilled to have a platform to share my stories, life experiences, reflections, and beyond.

The ultimate goal of this blog is for my brain to have an outlet, but also for others to still feel connected to me beyond the in-person connections. Maybe so people could also live vicariously though my day-to-day. Sometimes exciting things happen.


It took a long time (TBH, I’m still working on it) for me to be comfortable in my own skin and be unapologetically me. The confidence that my friends claim I exert is sometimes just a front, but part of that means I have to keep working on myself.

I genuinely believe that we are all Queens and Kings. We are the people in control of our own lives and choose the ways in which we live. Our REIGN for our lives lasts through our lifetime.

So just like I’m doing, tell the story of your reign.


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Thanks for joining me in sharing my journey.

Jamrensze Jeannylle De Leon